Aussie Day Celebrations

The dust has settled and many of us have managed to make a full recovery from the festivities of this year’s Australia Day party. A special thanks to the folks from Philly Hawks for putting it together, Dan Milbourne for supplying the t-shirts and his hosting duties and various sponsors, Philadelphia Fight and Ants Pants Cafe for donating some goodies. As always, Con Murphys put up with us for the day with what seemed like very little fuss. You can guarantee that when a bunch of Aussies get together, plenty of fun will be had.

We put together a little ditty for those who were unable to make it. This one largely features the Peter Garrett dance-off, won by the venerable Stu Jones who seemed to have perfected the art of working the crowd better than any precision technique! Yeah that’s right, I said it! We grabbed a few photos and videos to offer up a bit of fun from the day.

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